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1. ERECO’s key activities

ERECO has a lot of experience in the construction of industrial sectors such as textiles, cement, chemicals, thermal power, metallurgy, water treatment, etc. and factories in industrial zones, export processing zones. ERECO., JSC is a partner for major customers such as AMANN VIETNAM, WENDLER INTERLINING VIETNAM, UNILEVER, NFC, MIWON, YAMAHA, SUMIDEN, etc.

The operation motto of ERECO., JSC, is to ensure safety with the best quality, most competitive price, and fastest construction time for serving customers with the best service.

ERECO owns a team of experienced, enthusiastic engineers, and technical workers with modern equipment and machinery for the construction process. These include 50-ton wheeled cranes, self-propelled cranes, CNC cutting machines, etc.

With projects installed by ERECO that have been put into safe and effective operation, we confidently affirm that ERECO is one of the most prestigious construction enterprises in Vietnam.

2. Completed ERECO projects

Some typical projects constructed and installed by ERECO are:

– Installation of equipment system at Amann Vietnam sewing thread factory 

– Installation of equipment for selection workshop, centralized control system, water supply, and drainage system technology of the sorting workshop 

– Install Ventury No. 2 de-sparking fan at Lao Cai Iron and Steel Factory

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