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1. When to dismantle or move factory equipment ?

For businesses wishing to expand production, upgrade warehouses, or need to change the location of the factory, the dismantlement and relocation of factory equipment is the first concern.

The dismantlement and relocation of the factory somewhat disrupt the production process, requiring time, cost, and effort. Therefore, to find a capable enterprise in this field is something that businesses must consider.

ERECO is a business with many years of experience in dismantling, moving factory equipment. Here, we have equipped ourselves with means and tools to support the safe, convenient, and fast dismantling and relocation such as chain wheel, jack lift, forklift, propelled turtle, roller, crane, etc. It combines with a team of construction workers with many years of experience in the field.

ERECO’s service implementation process includes:

– Dismantle factory equipment

– Cleaning and maintenance of machines, equipment, and details

– Mark, package, transport, and move equipment to the correct new location as required

– Conducting inspection, cleaning, locating and installing machinery and equipment on modern production lines

– Acceptance test and hand over to customers.

2. Completed ERECO projects

– Dismantle two old barrels, fabricate and install a new VS501B fish-sauce cooking tank at MIWON Viet Tri factory – Song Thao Street, Tho Son Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.

– Dismantling, moving and installing equipment under the plastic medical tools factory project – Phase 1 

– Disassembly, repair, and conversion of factory equipment at Hanoi Soap Factory 

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